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We provides various ways to earn free cryptocurrencies.

Auto Faucet

🚰 Earn cryptocurrencies effortlessly with our Auto Faucet. Simply leave it open and start earning!

Offline Mode Faucet

🌙 Earn crypto every 5 minutes with our Faucet. Just maintain ACT token to start earning even while you sleep!

Withdrawal Options

🚀 Instantly withdraw your cryptocurrency with us via FaucetPay and Polygon blockchains.

Coin Swap

🚀 Exchange your earned coins hassle-free with our powerful Coin-Swap feature. Swap digital assets today.

Highest Payout

💪 Earn more with our better payout rates based on your work and simplicity. Maximize earnings by completing tasks and offers today.

Level System

🏆 Complete tasks and offers to level up and earn more with our platform's unique leveling system. Maximize your earnings today!

Earning Games

🎮 Play games and earn cryptocurrencies. We have a wide variety of games to choose from. Play and earn and have fun today!

Telegram Coupon Code

📣 Join our Telegram channel to get coupon codes daily for free coins. We also post updates and announcements there. Join today!

Referral System

🤝 Invite your friends and earn 25% of their earnings for life. Share your referral link and start earning today with us!

Our Affiliate/Referral Program

Benefits and Terms of the Faucetworld.in Affiliate Program

  • Refer new users to Faucetworld.in and earn 25% of their earnings for a lifetime. You will earn the same coin that your referral claims.

  • Your earnings will be stored in our wallet, which you can withdraw at any time. There are no withdrawal limits.

  • We use cookies to track affiliates. If a user clicks on your referral link and closes the tab, within one day, if they come back and sign up for the first time without clicking your link, they will still be your referral because your cookie will be present in their browser.

  • If a person clicks on your referral link and clicks on someone else&aposs referral link without signing up, they will not be your referral.

  • If a user has already signed up for Faucetworld.in, they will not be your affiliate even if they click on your link.


1. Affiliates will be tracked through cookies that are stored in the user's browser.

2. Earnings are calculated at 25% of the referred user's earnings and will be stored in the affiliate's wallet.

3. Withdrawals can be made at any time with no limit.

4. A fair use policy applies to the Affiliate Program, and Faucetworld.in reserves the right to review every referral.

5. In case of any questions or issues with the program, affiliates can reach out to us through our contact page.

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