Top AutoFaucet List

Do you know you can earn free cryptocurrency by doing nothing except opening the tab in your device. You can use open all there autofaucet in your browser and earn. Here we list all Daily updated AutoFaucet List for you.

You can add any good AutoFaucet into our list with your referral link and earn. No one can delete or edit your referral link. You can earn free till 20-Oct-2019. After that date we may remove your ref link.

Please add only AutoFaucet otherwise we will delete your links. This post is only for AutoFaucets nothing else

NamePayout ToCoinRewardsTimerLink 
AlucatlabsFaucetHubAllcoins in your FHAll coins5Visit
Auto EaglezzFaucetHubETH10005 minVisit
Auto Faucet EaglezzFaucetHubBCH50000005 minVisit
autofaucet.orgFaucetHubVariusAlternative1 - 10Visit
BitFaucetDirectBTC20 - 2000030Visit
BitspeedBTC1 sat/sek1 hodinaVisit
BobautofaucetFaucetHub280 coins2 minVisit
Doge-FaucetFaucetHubDOGE0.1 - 2060Visit
Eaglezz Auto FaucetFaucetHubDOGE1000005 minVisit
Eaglezz Auto Faucet HORA TOKENFaucetHubHORA1000005 minVisit
Eaglezz Auto Faucet LitecoinFaucetHubLTC155 minVisit
Faucetworld - Top Auto FaucetFaucetHubDOGE50K-33000001-5 MinVisit
Final AutoFaucet | 26 Coins AvailablesFaucetHub, Expresscry26 Coins1 to 3M sat ( Depends of Coins)1 > 10 minVisit
Fire FaucetFaucetHubBTC, BLK, BTX, DASH,TokensVariableVisit
Free BitcoinFaucetHub12141Visit
Futurefaucet.clubFaucetHub13 curencies1-5 minVisit
Get top faucetFaucetHubBTC5-12 sat2-5 minVisit
ifaucetFaucetHubAll faucethub coins1 minVisit
Jet Coin Auto PilotFaucetHubAllcoins in your FHAllcoins in your FH1 minuteVisit
jetcoinFaucetHub12 coin in one tabevery 4 miVisit
kingdom faucetFaucetHubBTC32Visit
MyEthereumFaucetFaucetHubETH300 - 300060Visit
Name Payout To Coin Rewards Timer Link $Win$…FaucetHub, Expresscry26 Coins1 to 3M sat ( Depends of Coins)1 > 10 minVisit
QoinPro - get every day freecoins for 14 assets…Direct14 coinsup to 1250% + airdrops + severel rewardsevery dayVisit
QwerofaucetsFaucetHubAllcoins in your FHAllcoins in your FH5Visit
random satoshiFaucetHub15 coinhighest rate always1 minVisit
Sugar Auto faucetFaucetHub15 coin one tabclaim all in one tab4 minVisit
Sugart Rush Auto PilotFaucetHub12 coin in one tabAllcoins in your FH1 minuteVisit
TJuMovYJexqPktUzMGcfd3dsqz3oXZx9wfAllcoinsFaucetHub32 Currenciesca. 4 Satoshi5 Min.Visit
Vivebtc Autofaucet and manual Faucet8 coin1 minVisit