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  • Fixed: Email Verification Issue for New Users

    Sun Apr 20 2024

    1. Fixed the issue where new users were not able to verify their email address.

    2. Now new users can verify their email address without any issues.

  • Chat Notifications and Sound

    Mon Mar 18 2024

    1. Added Chat new message notifications and sound. Everyone will be notified when a new message is received on chat.

    2. Beep sound will be played when a new message is received.

  • Localisation Support (Multi Language)

    Sun Mar 17 2024

    1. Added support for multiple languages

    2. We are now available in 6 languages(English, Hindi, Tamil, Russian, French, Indonesian). We will be adding more languages soon.

  • Improved Theme, Colors and Typography

    Sun Mar 03 2024

    1. Implemented Theme, Colors and Typography

    2. Cleanups and improved Loading speeds

  • New Level System

    Tue Feb 27 2024

    1. We have introduced a new level system to boost your earnings. For more detais go to page: Levels

    2. Implemented News Page

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