CoinPot & CoinPot Faucets

Coin Pot (Faucets) is a micro-transaction service like FaucetHub that supporting multiple different coins bitcoin, dogecoin, Dashcoin, lite-coin, and bitcoin-cash  faucets. Recently introduces its token system. For each claim, you can get 3 CoinPot tokens, which you can convert to any coin at any time.

If you want to  start getting Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies completely free of charge and without any investment, I advise you to start in the following way:

1. Create an online wallet (wallet)

Create a bitcoin wallet online, I advise Binance, it's an Exchange which provides all Crypto wallets.

2. Create an account at

You only need an email and you already have an account to store Bitcoins, Dogecoin, Dashcoin, Bcash, and Litecoins.
Simply go to and create an account, it's free.

3. Go to listed CoinPot faucets and Claim.

Once you have created your CoinPot account, you can use the same Email to log in on Each CoinPot faucets which are listed on the below table.

Faucet Name Wallet Duration Rewards Claim
BitFun CoinPot 5-30 min Depends of Time
Moon Bitcoin CoinPot 5-30 min Depends of Time
Moon Dogecoin CoinPot 5-30 min Depends of Time
Moon Litecoin CoinPot 5-30 min Depends of Time
Moon DashCoin CoinPot 5-30 min Depends of Time
Moon Bitcoin Cash CoinPot 5-30 min Depends of Time
Bonus Bitcoin CoinPot 5-30 min Depends of Time

Useful Tips to increase claim amount

1) Loyalty bonus — Action: make a claim at least once a day. This is the easiest bonus. All you have to do is make a claim every day and you get a bonus. If you miss a day, it resets back to 1 and you have to walk up to 100% again.

2) Referral bonus — Action: refer to at least 100 people to take full advantage of the referral bonus.

In addition to getting 50% of your referral’s claims, you also get a 1% bonus for every person you sign up — up to 100%. This bonus has a ceiling of 100 people, but your referral commission does not.

3) Offer Bonus — Action: do 10 offers to take full advantage of the 100% claim bonus. This bonus has a ceiling of 10 offers.

4) Mystery Bonus — No one knows about it. It's random.

5) Mining Bonus — Mine on your computer for a 100% bonus depending on your hash rate.  This is new.

There’s one other thing that is absolutely critical in your claim amount. This is true for all 6 faucets — the number of times you claim can drastically increase your daily claim amount. For example, based on the current claim rate which is published on the Moon Bitcoin site, if you claim every 5 minutes for 4 weeks you get 16,128 satoshis (assuming no referrals or bonus opportunities). However, if you claim every 4 weeks you get 111 satoshis.

The key to optimizing this faucet is to claim every 25 minutes or so.  This is the max out time, not 5 minutes. This may change, but current claim rates show that there is no benefit to claiming at smaller time intervals. You don’t start to make less satoshi until you wait for 30 minutes or more. So you can claim more often, but you won’t make any more than if you claim every 25 minutes (I say 25 because you don’t want to wait until the last minute). This makes MoonBitcoin one of the easier Moon faucets to reach maximum claims on. If you can’t claim every 25 min, at least claim once a day for the loyalty bonus. You want to do 10 offers to take advantage of the offered bonus. You can also get a bonus for mining on your computer.  Focusing on these actions can greatly increase your claims.